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Monday, March 28

– Iberville –

– Bourbon – – Bienville –

A method for acoustic measurement of voiced implosives: Evidence of implosives in a ‎U.S. dialect
Razia Husain
Taha Husain

Language ideologies of internet Esperantists: A diachronic study
Seth Wilson

Power relations & ideology in multilingualism: Analyzing the linguistic landscape of Morocco
Mohammed Albakry


Situating Montana within the West: A preliminary acoustic study
Lisa Sprowls

New Orleans and music: Identity and perceptions of francophone / francophile musicians post-Katrina
J. Natalie Schmitz

LINGUISTIC Ландскеип: Vidin, Bulgaria & Sofia, Bulgaria
Kaitlyn Lee

2:00-2:30 Language Contact on Social Media: Examining Youth Use of Arabizi Writing System
Mohammed Al Meqdad

“The only reason I travel”: Identity and ideology in folk linguistics on YouTube
Cat Flynn

Shared conceptualizations, what language? Emergent multilingual units in Malaysian languages
Sarah Lee

2:30-3:00 BREAK

How immersed are they really?: An analysis of the journal writings of study abroad students
William Morgan

Attitudes toward Spanish in Cartagena, Colombia
Rafael Orozco

A grammatical sketch of Soqotri: With special
consideration of negative polarity
Amani Aloufi


An ethnographic study of preschool classroom instruction in a Montessori school
Arwa Altwaim

Metalinguistic commentary in ideological context: Language, immigration, and generation in talk about talk among Miami-born Latinos
Lydda Lopez
Philip M. Carter

A Minimalist Approach to the internal structure of Small Clauses
Nasser Alhorais


Student attitudes toward “foreign-accented” speech in South Florida university science classrooms
Malgorzata Durygin

Discourse analytical study in a counseling session
Enas Albasiri

An experimental approach to the syntax of “have yet to” constructions
Greg Johnson
Kali Morris

Tuesday, March 29
– Iberville – – Bourbon – – Bienville –

Linguatude: What is the gumbo of our perceptions made of?
Paulina Bounds

Diversity within homogeneity: How individual pre-service teachers respond differently to Critical Language Pedagogies
Jessica Hatcher
Jeffrey Reaser
Amanda J. Godley

Out of the fire, into the fireplace: Investigating the distribution of aggregate linguistic data
Allison Burkette


‘Mostly Spanglish’ to ‘Really redneck’: Miamians’ perceptions of linguistic variation in the state of Florida
Phillip M. Carter
Danny Garzon

Linguistic activism on campus: Using digital technologies to promote student research and outreach
Christine Mallinson
Deanna Cerquetti
May F. Chung
Kim Feldman

Do you want to be called “woman” or “lady”?
Dot-Eum Kim


Variations in local dialect recognition tasks
Clai Rice
Wilbur Bennett


Linguistic landscape of Florida International University
Gina Ailanjian

9:30-10:00 BREAK

PANEL: Methodological Advancements in Perceptual Dialectology

The African American linguistic Brown Derby: Community soup, its salad, its side
Mary B. Ziegler

Esperanto: A study of language word order
Seth Wilson
Chad Davis

10:30-11:00 PANEL: Methodological Advancements in Perceptual Dialectology African American perceptions of language and identity
Sonja Lanehart
Ayesha Malik

Old habits: Past habituals, change, and input varieties
Gerard Van Herk
Kirk Hazen
Tyler Kendall

11:00-11:30 PANEL: Methodological Advancements in Perceptual Dialectology ‘What’chu say he say!’: spoken word as social (inter)action and performed Black feminism Tiffany Marquise Jones

On the syntax of free relatives in Appalachian English: They are not standard (relatives)
Greg Johnson

11:30-12:00 PANEL: Methodological Advancements in Perceptual Dialectology  





Head and dependent marking in the South Lebanese Arabic Noun Phrase
Wassim Bekai

Executive Meeting

12:00-1:00 LUNCH ON YOUR OWN


Wednesday, March 30

– Iberville –

– Bourbon –

– Bienville –


Cognitive linguistics and literature
Ralf Thiede

The functions of code-switching in bilingual Spanish-English songs
Giovani Lopez

A lowkey example of language change: “​Lowkey you might find this interesting”
Stacey Stanfield
Kristen Thomas


Literary dialect In Flannery O’Connor’s “Good Country People” and “The Lame Shall Enter First”
Katie Ireland Kuiper

Functions of English to Spanish code-switching in young adult Facebook statuses
Alejandra Torres
Irina Shport

Gameday revisited
Robin Sabino
Sarah Pitts


Dialectal depictions of Africans and African diasporans in French comics
Michael D. Picone

¿Canté o he cantado? On the relationship of Spanish varieties of textbooks and the Spanish variety of instructors.
Sandra Martinez-Franco

Sociolect much?:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sociolects, & student engagement
Ashley Akenson




“He a white boy?”: A phonological analysis of style shifting in the rap performance of Rob Sonic
Mariah Parker

The mysteriously absent French in Old Mines, Missouri
Mike Olsen

SLA for PCs and MICs into MCSs: The presence of Thomason’s and Baker’s theories in current studies
Joshua Hummel


Hip Hop’s (un)official religion: Examining distinctively Islamic features in Hip Hop Nation language
Ayesha Malik

PANEL: French and Creole in Louisiana and Southeast Texas

Investigating the effects of second language learning context and proficiency on lexical access
Maria Gabriela Puscama
Irina Shport
Dorian Dorado


Performing African-ness through Hip-Hop in the global marketplace
Brianna Cornelius

PANEL: French and Creole in Louisiana and Southeast Texas

Goal setting in the second language classroom and its implications for second language acquisition
Alyssia Miller


Codes, markedness, and intertextuality in multilingual and multidialectal contexts: Evidence from Guatemalan and Chican@ hip-hop
Tom Lewis

PANEL: French and Creole in Louisiana and Southeast Texas

Assessing daily participation through self-assessment
Laura Rubio




Tuesday, March 29

– Iberville –

– Bourbon –

– Bienville –


Extending the Linguistic Atlas web site
Bill Kretzschmar

PANEL: A preliminary look at English in Independence, Louisiana

Subject pronoun expression in Spanish: Do we really know how verbs condition pronouns?
Rafael Orozco
Caroline Hachem


Intradialectal phonetic variation in Southeast Georgia: Evidence from LAGS
Rachel Olsen
Margaret Renwick

PANEL: A preliminary look at English in Independence, Louisiana

Unexpected dialect divergence in a situation of language contact: Expletive negation in Spanish in contact with Catalan
Ricard Vinas de Puig


Monophthongization of /ay/ as a local identity marker
Paul E. Reed

PANEL: A preliminary look at English in Independence, Louisiana




The semiotic capital of mobility: ‘Classic’ code-switching and ‘radical’ code-mixing
Agnes Bolonyai
Kelsey Campolong

Dialects and linguistic sub-regions of North Louisiana
Lisa Abney

Evidence for the paradigm-linkage theory in Creek verb inflection
Derek Legg


Discursive co-construction of Chinese returnee applicants’ identities in a job-hunting reality TV show
Yuqiu Liu

The Englishes of New York City and New Orleans: Why are they similar?
Connie Eble

Notes on mirativity in Hupa (California Dene)
Ramon Escamilla


Planning Meeting

Indexing place and race in New Orleans jazz: A sociophonetic analysis of New Orleans jazz musicians
Lauren Colomb

Functional dissociations between production and comprehension
Doug Merchant




General Business Meeting


PLENARY : Astor Ballroom

Who Owns “Who Dat”:
Linguistic Innovation, Cultural Property Rights, Copyright, and the NFL

Shana Walton, Nicholls State University

Wednesday, March 30

– Iberville –

– Bourbon –

– Bienville –


The egocentric organization of language and its implications for the semantics-pragmatics distinction
Mark Honneger

Public versus private: Lexical variation between Cajun French and Mississippi Gulf Coast French
Virginia Geddie

Language values: Latent linguistic cues on Lafayette menus
Kelly Carlson


Language contact beyond languages
Robin Sabino

Adaptive strategies of Cajun French loanwords into Isleño Spanish
Felice Coles

Gatekeepers of Luxury? Discursive Strategies Employed for Identity Work by MAC Cosmetics
Brooke Wallig


Multi-(proto-)lingual contact as a primate prelude to language emergence
Thomas R. Sawallis

Looking for Louisiana French…
Ashley Luoma
Tamara Lindner

Contact between Tojolabal and Spanish: Stability and change
Mary Jill Brody


Challenges facing Arabic-speaking Iraqi refugees at American Schools
Saad Bushaala

We don’t want your help: The reasons why French revitalization is still a largely foreign job in Louisiana
Albert Camp

Narrative in support of an end-state statement: Evidencing cross-linguistic influence in learning paths and discoursal outcomes
Asha Tickoo




Determining the role of acoustic cues in perception of reduced forms
Lisa Lipani

Frysk trade and culture: A detritus of Anglo privilege
Katie Broer Lambert



Vocal (dis)harmony in two Kaqchikel suffixes: Eliminating the underspecification of segmental information
Brett Nelson

From “Nub” to “Dahab”: The lexical shift of Fadjicca Nubian to Arabic in Egypt
Asmaa Taha


Influence of internal and external contact and TV on variation in rural child language
Rania Habib

Hall speak: Language contact and lexical borrowing on halls of residence at the University of the West Indies
Kellon Sankar